Vegetable Submarine Sandwich Recipe

INGREDIENTS 20 gms – Mayonnaise 20 gms- Basil Pesto 2 Nos.- Hot dog rolls 60 gms – Cucumber Slice 20 gms- Green Lettuce 20 gms- Cheddar Cheese 60 gms- Tomato Slice 30 gms- Assorted Bell Pepper Slice 20 gms-Jalapenos, sliced 10 gms Olive sliced 200 gms- French fries Oil to fry

1. Cut the hot dog rolls lengthwise into two. 2. Apply mayonnaise on inside part and toast them. 3. Spread the pesto sauce on the toasted side of rolls. 4. Marinate assorted bell pepper with rest of the mayonnaise. 5. Place a lettuce on the roll and arrange cucumber slices, tomato slices, cheese slices and assorted bell peppers. Put olives and jalapenos on top and cover with the rolls top part. 6. Serve hot with french fries.


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