Tofu and Apple Sandwich Recipe


2 Nos.- Ciabatta or Rye bread
20 Gms – Mayonnaise
20 Gms – Basil Pesto
100 Gms – Tofu Sliced, grilled
1 No. – Apple Slice
1 No. – Bell Peppers, juliennes
200 gms- French Fries
Oil to fry


1. Cut the bread into two and apply mayonnaise and toast or grill it on both sides.
2. Spread the pesto sauce on toasted side of each bread.
3. In a bowl take sliced apple, tofu and bell peppers. Add mayonnaise and seasoning. Mix well.
4. Put it over two slices of ciabatta bread.
5. Cut the sandwich diagonally.
6. Serve hot with French fries.


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