Soya Butter Masala Recipe


250 grams Soya Chops
50 ml Refined Oil
¼ Teaspoon Black Cumin (shahi jeera).
1 Teaspoon Garlic, chopped
50 grams Onions, chopped
50 grams Tomatoes, chopped
1 No. Green Chilli, chopped
150 grams Fresh Tomato Puree
½ Teaspoon Degi Mirch
¼ Teaspoon Chaat Masala
¼ Teaspoon Kasoori Methi
¼ Teaspoon Roasted Cumin Powder
30 grams Boiled Cashew nut paste
2 Tablespoon Cream
1 Tablespoon Butter
¼ Teaspoon Garam Masala
1 Tablespoon Coriander, chopped

1 No Coriander Sprig
2 Gms Ginger, Julienne
1 No Green Chilli
1 Tsp Cream.


Heat oil in a pan and add cumin seeds (shahi jeera).When it crackles add garlic and sauté for a minute and add onions. Cook till onions are golden brown.
Add chopped tomatoes and cooked till they are soft. Add green chillies, tomato puree and all dry spices – Degi Mirch, Chaat Masala, Kasoori Methi, Roasted Cumin Powder and salt. Add cooked soya chops and cook till oil separates. Add cashew nut paste and some water.
Bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Check consistency and seasoning.
Finish with chopped coriander,butter, cream and garam masala.
Serve hot garnished with cream, coriander, ginger julienne, green chillies.

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