Sitaphal aur Chana Dal Recipe


Split Bengal gram (Dal chana) —-100 gms
Yellow Pumpkin (Sitaphal), diced—–400 gms
Desi ghee—————————–04 tblspn
Red chilly dry————————04 no
Fenugreek (methi )seeds——————-1/2 tspn
Salt————————————–01 tspn
Red chilly powder——————–01 tspn
Dhaniya powder———————–02 tspn
Mango powder(Amchoor)———–01 tspn
Sugar————————————01 tspn
Water——————————–as required
1 Tbsp Coriander, chopped
Coriander sprig
Ginger juliennes


1. Soak Split Bengal gram (Chana dal) for at least 30 minutes. Keep diced yellow pumpkin (Sitaphal)
2. Heat ghee in a wok, add whole red chilly broken into pieces and fenugreek (methi) seeds.
3. When they crackle, add soaked chana dal. Stir it for a minute.
4. Add diced pumpkin from water directly and stir fry for 4-5 minutes.
5. Add coriander powder, salt and red chilly powder.
6. Add a little water and cover with lid and cook till lentil is cooked.
7. Add sugar, mango powder (amchoor), coriander and mix well and cook for another minute.
8. Serve hot garnished with coriander sprig, ginger juliennes and dry red chilli whole.


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