Sandali Sharbat Recipe

INGREDIENTS 4 Tsp Sandalwood powder 1 cup water 1 cup Sugar syrup 1 litre Chilled water 8 Ice cubes

Soak sandalwood powder in a cup of water. Stir and leave it at least for 6 hours without disturbing it to allow all the particles of sandalwood to settle down. Place a 4 times folded muslin cloth over a tea strainer. Place this strainer over a bowl. Gently strain the sandalwood water from top very carefully. Ensure the particles do not come along water. Heat sugar syrup and add this sandal wood flavoured water into it. Boil for 3 minutes and remove from fire. Add some more water if required. Strain it through muslin while it is still warm. Let it cool completely. In a jug combine this sandalwood flavoured syrup and chilled water. Stir till all are mixed nicely.(You may alternatively use sandalwood sherbet syrup) Put two ice cubes in each glass and pour this sandalwood sherbet over it .Serve chilled.

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