Rava Dosa Recipe


100 grams – Rice Powder
50 grams- Semolina (Sooji)
1/8 Tsp- Cumin Whole
6-8 Nos- Black Pepper corn
¼ Tsp- Ginger chopped
½ Tsp-Green Chilli, chopped
1/8 Tsp- White Sesame seeds
8 No- Curry Leaves, chopped
5 gms- Broken Cashew nuts
To Taste- Salt
2 grams- Coriander, Chopped
Oil – to cook


1. Take a bowl and combine semolina with rice flour and all the ingredients.
2. Add water in it and mix well and keep it for 10 minutes.
3. Heat the griddle on medium temperature and pour the mixture to make a rawa dosa. Let it cook for two minutes. Drizzle some oil all over it and when it becomes crisp and brown then fold it in a rectangle shape.
4. Serve with hot with sambar and coconut chutney.


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