Khandavi Recipe

INGREDIENTS 120 Grams Gram flour (Besan) 200 grams Yoghurt, whisked Water 1 Tsp Ginger paste 1 Tsp Green chilli paste ¼ Tsp Asafoetida ½ Tsp Turmeric powder 1/8 Tsp Sugar To taste Salt Tempering- 2 Tbsp Oil 1 Tsp Mustard seeds 1 pinch Asafoetida 3 Nos Green chilli, chopped 6-8 Nos Curry leaves 3 Tbsp Fresh Coriander, chopped ¼ cup Coconut, grated

In a bowl combine whisked yoghurt and gram flour and mix to make a smooth batter. Thin it down using water. It should be pouring consistency, but ensure no lumps are formed. You may strain the mixture. Add green chilli paste, ginger paste, turmeric, asafoetida, salt and mix well. Put a non stick wok or a pan on fire and pour this mixture into it. Cook stirring continuously with a wooden spoon for around 10 minutes. Reduce heat and keep cooking until the mixture thickens. Make sure it’s not too thick also. Remove from fire and spread the mixture on the back of a stainless steel thali or a tray. Using a palate knife or wooden spatula, spread the mixture thinly. Allow it to cool down for 5 minutes. Then using the tip of a kitchen knife, cut the spreaded mixture into, 2 inches wide and 5-6 inches long strips. Roll up each strip and make khandavi rolls. Place all rolls on a plate or a tray. For tempering- Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds, green chilli, curry leaves and asafoetida. When they splutter, remove from fire and pour this tempering on each khandavi roll. Sprinkle chopped coriander and grated coconut. Serve chilled.


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