Gujiya Recipe

INGREDIENTS For Gujiya covering: 1 cup whole wheat flour + 1 cup maida ¼ tsp Salt ½ cup water 2 tbsp ghee For Gujiya stuffing: 1 cup khoya ½ tbsp ghee 1/3 cup chopped dry fruits – 10 cashews, 10 almonds, 10 pistachios, ½ tbsp raisins 1/3 cup powdered sugar ½ tsp Catch cardamom powder Accompaniments with Gujiya:

  • Hot Tea
  • Hot Beverages
  • Any other Diwali snack

Making the Gujiya dough:

  1. Take the maida, whole wheat flour and salt in a mixing bowl.
  2. Heat ghee in a small pan, pour the hot ghee on the flour.
  3. Mix the ghee well, with your fingertips and get a texture like breadcrumbs.
  4. Then add water in parts and begin to knead.
  5. Knead the dough till firm. Cover the dough and keep aside.
Making the Gujiya stuffing:
  1. Crumble and grate the khoya.
  2. Chop the dry fruits and keep aside.
  3. Melt ½ tbsp ghee in a pan on low flame.
  4. Add the khoya.
  5. Stir it continuously on low flame.
  6. Cook the khoya till it begins to gather around itself. Switch off the flame and keep the cooked khoya aside.
  7. Add powdered sugar, chopped dry fruits and Catch cardamom powder.
  8. Mix everything well and keep the stuffing aside.
Making the Gujiya:
  1. Divide the dough in two parts.
  2. Make a medium log of each part and slice it into equal parts.
  3. Roll each part in your palms to make balls and place all the balls in the same bowl. Cover with a moist kitchen towel.
  4. Roll each ball on the rolling board with a rolling pin.
  5. With your fingertips, apply water all over the circumference edge.
  6. Place about 1 tbsp-1.5 tbsp of filling on one side of the circle, keeping the edges empty.
  7. Carefully bring together both the edges and join.
  8. It’s best to make pleated design of the Gujiya edges as this prevents the filling from falling off.
  9. Follow this for all the Gujiyas and then cover them with a moist cloth, so that they don’t dry out.
Frying the Gujiya:
  1. Heat oil in a kadhai.
  2. Gently slide the Gujiya, once the oil is hot. Fry the Gujiyas, one after the other.
  3. Store them in an air-tight box.
Recipe Notes/Suggestions:
  • You can adjust the dry fruits and sweetness as per your taste.
  • Add water accordingly, make sure the dough is not too sticky or dry.
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