Dal Makhani Recipe


250 gm – Urad Dal Whole
½ Tsp salt
¼ Tsp Degi Mirch
1 Tsp Refined Oil
Whole spices
1 Cinamon stick
1 Big Cardamom,
2 Green cardamom
50 ml- Desi Ghee
1 Tbsp- Ginger and Garlic Paste
1 Tsp – Degi Mirch Powder
100 gm – Tomato Puree
¼ Tsp – Kasoori Methi
½ Tsp Roasted Cumin powder
50 ml– Cream
50 gms –White Butter
Ginger Jullien


1. Wash and soak dal for an hour. Drain water and boil dal with salt, degi mirch, oil and whole spices tied in a piece of muslin cloth. Cook till done and keep aside.
2. Take a pan and heat desi ghee; add ginger and garlic paste, sauté for a minute.
3. Add degi mirch, tomato puree and cook for another few minutes, till the oil comes on surface.
4. Add the cooked dal and cook on slow fire.
5. Finish with kasoori methi, roasted cumin powder, butter and cream.
6. Remove in a bowl and garnish with cream, ginger julienne and butter.


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