Chowmein Recipe

INGREDIENTS Boiled noodles- 170 gms Sliced Onions- 20 gms Carrot, julienned- 15 gms Cabbage, shredded- 20 gms Green Capsicum, julienned – 15 gms Red Capsicum, julienned – 10 gms Yellow Capsicum, julienned – 10 gms Spring Onion, cut long- 10 gms Cooking Oil- 2 tbsp Dark Soya- 1 tbsp Seasoning- To Taste

1. In a wok heat oil and sauté all the vegetables for to 2 to 3 min. 2. Add boiled noodles into it and add seasoning. 3. Toss the noodles thoroughly so that the vegetables and noodles get evenly seasoned. 4. Adjust the seasoning and serve garnished with juliennes of spring onions.


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