Chicken Rezala Recipe

INGREDIENTS 1 whole chicken 1 cup onion paste 2 tbsps ginger garlic paste 10-12 whole cashews 2 tbsps poppy seeds 1 cup yoghurt 2 cinnamon sticks 4-5 green cardamom pods 4-5 cloves ½ tsp Catch black pepper powder 1 bay leaf ½ tsp white pepper powder 1 tbsp Catch coriander powder Salt & sugar as per taste 2 tbsps ghee 2 tbsps vegetable oil Accompaniments with Chicken Rezala: Butter Naan/Roti/any other Indian bread Jeera Rice/Steamed Rice/Biryani


  1. Make a smooth paste with cashew and poppy seeds in a spice grinder and keep aside.
  2. Marinate the chicken pieces with onion paste, ginger and garlic paste, yoghurt, salt and keep aside for an hour.
  3. After marination, take a pan and heat ghee and oil. Fry green cardamom pods, cloves, bay leaf, cinnamon sticks till the fragrance comes from the spices and add the marinated chicken along with the marination and cover the pan. Cook on medium heat for 20 minutes.
  4. After 20 minutes, open the lid and add the cashew and poppy seed paste, white pepper powder, Catch coriander powder, Catch black pepper powder, sugar and mix with the chicken. Cook with lid on medium heat for 20 minutes.
  5. Boil the gravy till it becomes creamy in texture on high flame.
  6. Serve hot.
Recipe Notes/Suggestions:
  1. Marinate the chicken overnight for a better taste.
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