Sambar is a Toor lentil-based vegetable stew, soured with tomato or tamarind. It is a Southern Indian speciality and is also popular in neighbouring countries cuisines. It is consumed in all over India and its taste is adapted in each region to suit its environment.  

Dosa is a staple dish in South Indian states, and is enjoyed all over India at any time of the day. It is a fermented crepe made from rice batter and lentils, rolled/folded with tempered potato mixture.   Ingredients 100 gms- Parmal Rice 100 gms- Basmati Rice Sela 25 gms- Urad dal, washed 5 gm- Chana dal 2 gm-Methi Seeds To taste- Salt 50 gms-Rice flour 25 gms- Semolina Oil - To Cook Potato Masala 300 gms Potatoes, boiled, mashed roughly 4 Tbsp Oil 1 Tbsp Butter ½ Tsp Mustard seeds 1 Tsp Chana dal 2 Nos onions(medium) sliced 8 nos Curry Leaves 2 Nos Green chillies,sliced 1 Tsp Ginger,chopped 1 Tsp Turmeric powder Salt - to taste 2 Tbsp Green coriander   Instructions 1. Soak rice, dal and all above ingredients except rice flour and semolina for 4 to 5 hours. 2. Then wash it 4 to 5 times. Grind it using some water till smooth batter. 3. Keep it covered in a warm place for fermentation overnight. 4. Before use add salt, semolina and rice flour. Give a nice stir to the batter. 5. Heat a griddle and put a ladle full of batter and spread thinly to make a dosa. 6. Drizzle some oil and when dosa is crisp and golden, add a ladle full of potato masala and roll the dosa. 7. Remove it in a plate and serve hot with sambar and coconut chutney.

Upma or Uppuma is a thick porridge made using coarse roasted semolina. It is a South Indian breakfast dish ,popular all over India and Sri Lanka.

Rava dosa is a type of Dosa. It’s an Indian crepe from South India. It is served plain or with tempered potato mixture folded in.

Idli is a traditional breakfast from South India. Idli is a savoury steamed cake that is popular throughout India and neighbouring countries.

A veggie burger is a vegetarian version of a burger patty that does not contain meat.

A vegetarian version of club sandwich is a sandwich of toasted bread, cheese slice, a salad, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and mayonnaise.

A club sandwich, also called a clubhouse sandwich, is a sandwich of toasted bread, sliced cooked poultry, fried bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.

It is a street-food dish originating from Kolkatta. In its original form, it is a skewer roasted lamb kebab wrapped in a parantha or a roomali roti. Over the years many variants have evolved all of which now go under the generic name of kathi roll.

It is a street-food dish originating from Kolkatta. In its original form, it is a skewer roasted kebab wrapped in a parantha or a roomali roti. Over the years many variants have evolved all of which now go under the generic name of kathi roll.This its Chicken version.

It is a street-food dish originating from Kolkatta. In its original form, it is a skewer roasted kebab wrapped in a parantha or a roomali roti. Over the years many variants have evolved all of which now go under the generic name of kathi roll. This is its vegetarian version.

Juicy stuffed chicken breast with wine sauce

A delicious breakfast dish which can be made vegetarian too.

A vegetarian soup with a chicken based pasta.

Aromatic long grain basmati rice cooked with colourful vegetables in selected spices.

An innovative chicken snack for all occasions

Cheese Balls is a perfect starter recipe and will be loved by all age groups , as it has the best combination of two cheeses.

Slow cooked braised chicken with aromatic thyme.

All time Mexican snack, very popular all over.

A vegetarian version of a healthy sandwich.

A different style of fish preparation, with Cajun spice and herbs served with green vegetables.

A salad that can be eaten with pita bread as an appetizer too.

Vegetables and cheese sandwich in a hot dog roll.

An Italian speciality- Ravioli are a type of dumpling composed of a filling sealed between two layers of thin pasta dough. Usually served either in broth or with a pasta sauce.

Kids favourite wrap with cheese

A cold soup traditionally made with tomatoes, but this is a innovation with watermelon.

A vegetarian cold sandwich prepared with colourful Russian salad

A prawn delicacy with taste and eye appeal.

A chilled beetroot soup with a refreshing flavour of mint.

A delicate fish steak glazed with soya and sesame sauce.

A simple but delicious rice preparation which is most popular in world.This vegetarian version has got lots of colourful vegetables in it.

Deep fried, puffed up crisp Indian bread, eaten with potato preparation mostly during breakfast.

It is a fried pastry generally filled with spiced potato mixture. Now a day’s many a types of fillings and shapes are being tried

Bhindi Do Pyaza is a simple vegetarian dish made with lady finger/Okra with generous amount of onions tossed in spices.

Achari Paneer is a lip smacking dish made with cottage cheese (Paneer) in hot and tangy gravy, enhanced by adding a little paste of pickles.

Aloo Jeera is the simplest and the most delicious potato dish which is an all time favourite. This is an irresistible potato dish spiced with cumin and other simple spices.

This Bengali style dal dish is a typical home style recipe, which is made in many variations in each Bengali home. This dal is generally very runny and is tempered in many styles.

Lady finger /Okra is a seasonal green vegetables and is made in various styles. This is a simple slices lady finger dish spiced with simple ingredients and is a quick recipe.

Kala Chana Curry is a very homely black chickpea curry with cooked with simple home masalas. This dish is so common in every home in northern India,that its cooked at least once a week in every house.

Pickled potatoes can stay for few days and are very good to carry with when you are travelling.

This slow cooked colocasia (arbi) dish ,tastes fabulous in rich cashewnut and poppy seeds gravy with a hint of yoghurt.

Lauki Kofta Curry is a very popular summer vegetable dumplings dish made from bottle gourd in spicy, tangy gravy. It goes very well when eaten along with chapattis.

Absolutely delicious rolled snack from the state of Gujrat, made with gram flour and yoghurt, delicately spiced and tempered.

Matar (green peas) can be cooked with almost any vegetable. It can be made in a curry form or in a dry subzi form in many ways. It combines very well with soya nuggets.

Rajmah is a very popular North Indian dish made with boiled red kidney beans and spices, cooked in onion –tomato masala and is served with rice. It is also made in many ways in each state.

Cubes of Cottage cheese marinated with pickle spices, cooked in tandoor.

Chow mein are stir-fried noodles, and are popular throughout the Chinese diaspora and appears on the menus of Chinese restaurants all over the globe. Made both, vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian styles.

An old favourite, famous in all Chinese restaurants.

This Oriental fish preparation is very simple yet delicious, with bell peppers. This tangy sauce adds to its taste

This is a very versatile appetizer which is prepared in many ways. These are tiny little parcels filled with your choice of stuffing.

A very popular snack dish from China and many Asian countries is a street food, also popular in India.

This is an Indo-Chinese vegetarian snack recipe flavoured with fresh coriander

Gram flour dumplings cooked in yoghurt based gravy is a rich vegetarian dish from Rajasthan.

A rich recipe of shallow fried stuffed paneer sandwiches in a smooth, creamy tomato based gravy

A rich vegetarian delicacy from north India, made with soya is a good source of protein.

This is a popular dish originating from the Punjab region of India with primary ingredients being whole black lentil, butter and cream

Though there are many dal preparations in North India but nothing matches a Yellow Dal generously tempered with garlic and red chilli whole.

One of the most popular breakfast dishes of Northern and Central India, generally served with butter and yoghurt.

This is the most popular paneer dish with coarsely grounded coriander seeds and red chilli. You may red and yellow bell peppers too along with the green.

Palak paneer is a vegetarian Indian dish consisting of spinach and paneer seasoned with garlic, and other spices.

A recipe cooked on special occasions. This vegetarian delicacy is considered as an alternate to a non vegetarian dish on any menu.

A simple cottage cheese preparation with few spices,makes it a easy to cook recipe.

A simple yet delicious green vegetable preparation goes well with chapati.

A rich Mughlai paneer dish, scented with saffron and finished with cream.

A fennel and dry ginger flavoured potato dish from valley, which is popular all over India.

Moong dal fritters served with Mint chutney and grated raddish is a popular North Indian snack.

Golgappa, is a street snack in several regions of India. It is also called panipuri and Puchka. It’s a round fried puffed crispy, which is filled with a mixture of chickpeas and boiled potato, served with spiced flavoured water  with a hint of sweet tamarind chutney.

It is a puffed, crispy, savoury tangy snack filled with chutneys and sweet curd.

A North Indian bread made using gram flour and wheat flour and seasoned with spices.

A type of flat bread from Gujarat, made with whole wheat flour using spices. Thepla can be made plain or flavoured various ingredients like fenugreek, raddish etc.

This dry cauliflower and potato dish is very popular in India and neighbouring countries.

This a delicious vegetarian dish with potatoes and de-seeded green capsicum, cooked with some simple spices.

One of northern India’s most favourite fried fish recipe,with gram flour and fenugreek flavour. This fish may be served as a snack if cut into finger shapes

A very popular Hydrabadi vegetarian specialty, cooked with coconut and sesame. This spicy dish is always a hit in any function menu.

It's a very popular Gujarati dish made from yoghurt and gram flour. It can be made using butter milk also instead of yoghurt. Gujrati Kadhi can be innovated and modified in many a ways by addition of some ingredients like sliced onions or shredded spinach leaves etc.

This drink is native to India and is associated with Maha Shiv ratri and Holi. It is made with assorted nuts, sugar and milk. It is known as a energy drink.

Though Dhokla has originated from Gujrat but it is enjoyed all over India. It is steamed and cooked which makes it very healthy.It is served cold and can be consumed at any time of the day.

Dosakaya in Andhra means cucumber. This Andhra dal is made with toor dal or moong dal with cucumber and other spices. This dal is so simple yet very delicious.

Rava idli is a steamed breakfast preparation which is considered as a healthy breakfast option amongst the other South Indian options.

Spiced mashed potato balls, coated with gram flour batter and deep fried. These are all time favourite snack from Southern India, popular all over the sub-continent.

Besan ka cheela is a gram flour savoury pan cake with vegetable stuffing. This can be made with many other interesting stuffing’s like cottage cheese or potato based stuffing.

Kanda means Onions and Poha is flattened or parched rice which is cooked with spices to make a very popular and interesting breakfast dish.

This a Hyderabadi non-vegetarian preparation made with spiced mutton mince and boiled eggs, which is served with gravy or just plain as a snack.

This is another version of Dhokla, but made with semolina (rava).This is generally eaten during breakfast or as a snack.

Masala Chaas is a summer coolant drink and also acts as an appetizer. It is flavoured Indian buttermilk made with plain yogurt, green chili, coriander and spices.

Mango Lassi is a fruit based summer drink made with a blend of yoghurt; sugar and mango puree, and can be made with other fruits as well like strawberry.

Sweet Lassi is a traditional Indian summer drink made with a blend of yoghurt, sugar and rose water, and is considered good to beat the heat and protects us from sun strokes.

Salted Lassi is a traditional Indian summer drink, and is considered as a healthy drinks recipes to beat the heat and protects us from sun strokes.This can be also consumed along with day time meals.

Aam panna is made with raw mangoes and is known for its heat-resistant properties. It is a good summer coolant and can be made and stored in refrigerator.

Murukku is a crispy savoury snack from South India. It is made with rice flour and combination of any lentil flour of your choice along with spices. It can be made ahead and stored

Shikanji /Shikanjavi is a Indian lemonade made with fresh water,lemon juice and simple spices.It prevents from heat stroke and also is a great refreshing & appetizing drink.

“Jeera” means cumin, which is essentially one of the main ingredient of this invigorating, thirst quencher summer drink along with other spices which are used in making of this drink.

Slow cooked fish delicacy simmered in flavourful rich gravy with handpicked spices.

Egg curry is a fantastic boiled egg dish for those non-vegetarians who wish to eat light. Though it can be made in many ways, but here’s a simple home style recipe.

Paneer Do Pyaza is a great main course dish made with cottage cheese with lots of onions in rich gravy.

Bagara Baingan is a Hyderabadi vegetarian specialty of baby brinjals cooked in rich peanut gravy tempered with special spices.

This dish is always in the best of the menu cards all over India. Soft Kofta in rich and creamy gravy of almonds, onion paste and tomatoes is one of the most exotic vegetarian dishes.

Cottage cheese small dumplings, simmered in rich and creamy gravy of cashewnuts, onion paste and yoghurt is one of the most delicious vegetarian dishes, which are not very complicated to make.

Kachori or Kachodi is a spicy snack popular in various parts of India, primarily in Uttar Pradesh, and other northern states. Each state has got its own style and uniqueness of making Kachori.

Pickled Colocasia (Arbi) is best enjoyed a day old and with a parantha.

This simple coconut water drink is enhanced by addition of ginger juice and mint. This looks best when served in green coconut shell with mint and lemon.

Lemon soda is a summer drink, made with refreshing mint and cumin powder. This beverage is so popular in India that it is made in all homes, streets and in best of the hotels too.

Saag is a very delicious and popular North-Indian winter dish made with mustard leaves, spinach leaves and bathua. This great leafy vegetable delicacy when combined with diced cottage cheese becomes an ultimate combination

This is a famous vegetarian green leafy vegetable dish from Punjab, India. This is generally available in winter months and is cooked in every house hold on slow coal fire with a generous tempering of clarified butter

This winter vegetable dish is cooked in many ways in each house hold but when it is cubed small and cooked with minimum spices, it tastes amazing.

Choliya is green chickpeas, which can be eaten as a snack of roasted fresh in shell. It’s also made in a curry or in a subzi form in many ways. It best goes with diced potatoes

Rogan josh is a Kashmiri mutton delicacy made in rich aromatic gravy using spices and yoghurt. It’s said this dish originally is a Persian dish, but today no restaurant menu is complete without this dish.

A Chinese chicken speciality, which is very popular in all Asian countries.

Naan or Nan is a leavened flatbread, baked in a clay oven.

This spiced crispy lady finger dish is a great side dish for any occasion. Its marinated with spices and coated with gram flour gives a delicious taste on frying.

An amazing simple yellow pumpkin and split Bengal gram dish with a hint of sweetness from sugar is an all time favourite for vegetarians.

Kokum Sherbet is a great summer coolant and is very refreshing and good for health. In Goa and neighbouring coastal regions it is used in many dishes and drinks.

Rose sherbet is a summer drink to beat the heat. It is prepared with rose syrup mixed in chilled milk.

This a very delicious vegetarian main course dish, made with vegetables and potato dumplings simmered in spinach gravy.

This a very delicious vegetarian main course dish, made with mushrooms simmered in spinach gravy.

This delicious cauliflower preparation, stir cooked with simple spices and flavoured with ginger is very popular dish in India and neighbouring countries.

There are many a types of fresh green beans available in each state, but amongst them flat beans ,also known as Fava beans (sem) are very popular all over the country. This recipe is very simple and home style

Cottage cheese triangles in rich and creamy gravy of almonds and tomatoes is one of the most exotic vegetarian dishes. This dish appears in almost all menus in any restaurant or hotel.

Lagan Ka Gosht is a Hyderabadi delicacy slow cooked in rich nutty gravy along with aromatic spices. This dish is also very popular in Pakistan and neighbouring countries

This Punjabi dish is a must in every menu. Cottage cheese pieces are simmered in tomato gravy with spices and cream.

Handi paneer is a delicious cottage cheese dish cooked with nuts paste and spices in a traditional Indian cooking vessel called Handi.

Subz Haryali is a melange of fresh vegetables, cottage cheese cooked along with shredded spinach in mild gravy.

Subz Dewani Handi is a variation of mixed vegetable curry cooked in a North Indian style. This dish is traditionally, cooked sealed in a clay pot (handi).

Makai Matar Mushroom is a out of routine dish, with colourful peas, corn and mushroom in mildly spiced gravy.

Paneer Lababdar is a semi dry paneer delicacy, from North India, in rich onion tomato coating consistency gravy.

This Semiya Upma is a variation created from the popular breakfast dish Upma from South India. Umpa can also be made by adding some diced vegetables or peas etc.

Hot and Sour Soup is popular in all Asian cuisines and the soup as the name suggests, is hot and sour. Here is a vegetarian version of this famous soup.

Kung Bo Chicken is a spicy stir fried dish from Sichuan province, made with chicken, peanuts and vegetables

A classic Chinese dish of Bok Choy with dried mushrooms cooked in soya sauce.

This is a vegetarian version of the famous Chinese dish of eggplant. Instead of minced meat, we are using chopped vegetables.

Sweet and Sour Tofu is a mildly spiced popular Chinese dish which is very appealing with tri-colour bell peppers. It can also be made with a twist by replacing tofu with Paneer(cottage cheese).

This is a very healthy Chinese dish which is enjoyed by all and you may adjust the quantity of stock in recipe as per the quantity of the vegetables.

Khichadi is generally made with rice and lentils. This recipe is a popular South Indian breakfast dish, which is made with coarse semolina and vegetables.

Kanchipuram Idli is a variation of steamed idli tempered with cumin and pepper corn.

Ven Pongal is a very popular comfort food dish from South India which eaten in breakfast and is tempered with cumin, peppercorn and ghee.

Amritsari Kulcha is made by stuffing the dough with spiced potato mixture and is generally cooked in clay oven(Tandoor).

This is a North Indian green vegetable dish,cooked in different styles all over India.This is an amazing recipe of fresh fenugreek leaves cooked with potatoes in simple spices.

Though Paneer Bhurji is made with mashed or grated cottage cheese (Paneer), but this recipe is made with diced cottage cheese. This dish is a all time favourite and time saving recipe. When nothing comes in mind for dinner; Paneer Bhurji is the safest bet!!

Home style chicken curry cooked with potatoes.

Road side restaurant (Dhaba ) style chicken curry cooked with whole spices.

This a delicious chicken preparation, which is a North Indian dish. It is cooked with spices and green onion.

Methi Palak Parantha is a variation of a parantha which is eaten during breakfast in North India. Adding of fenugreek and spinach leaves make them tasty and different. It goes well with pickle and plain curd.

Roti is Indian style bread which is eaten with vegetables or a curry dish during lunch and dinner. Besan roti is a variation created by addition of gram flour with some spices to make it interesting.

Tinda is apple gourd which is a seasonal green vegetable. This simple vegetable tastes awesome when stuffed with this special mixture and simmered in gravy.

Kadhi is prepared in many different ways in different states in India. It is prepared with sour curd or butter milk and gram flour. In North India it is added with gram flour dumplings (pakoras), which makes it very popular dish. It’s eaten with steamed rice.

Chole-Bhature is a North Indian breakfast dish which is popular all over India. This chickpeas dish is made with a special blend of spices and is served with puffed fried bread called Bhatura.

Sandalwood sharbat is very refreshing and calming summer drink. Its unique and its aroma delights the consumer.

This is very innovative drink made with refreshing mint and cucumbers. It is very useful in summers. This can be made fresh easily at home.

Chicken Biryani, a world renowned Indian dish is an elegant dish filled with myriad spices, saffron, caramelized onions and probably the most aromatic rice, manifesting a royal delicacy. Relished by a majority of people, its aroma reveals a richness that makes it a must try, indeed.

Dahi vada is one of the classic North Indian chaat snacks. The soft vada is made out of dhuli urad daal and served with yogurt, various spice sprinklers and sweet & spicy chutneys. Hence, this snack comes under a healthy snack too and a favourite amongst children and adults equally. So, whip up your favourite snack at home with the simple dahi vada recipe below and make your friends and family go wow!

Pav Bhaji is a street food favourite and if you accompany it with some crunchy onions and slivers of lime, it is even yummier! Although this much-loved dish’s birthplace is Maharashtra, different parts of India have added their authentic variations to it.

Punjabi Aloo Parathas are one of the most popular North Indian breakfast dishes savoured throughout the western, northern and central regions of India. It’s a versatile dish you can relish anytime of the day! It tastes great when served with pickle and raita.

Dahi Bhalla, a savory filled with lentils, dipped in yogurt, served chilled; topped with chutneys and spices. A gorgeous dish to serve at dinner parties or potluck. The beautiful combination of colors is so tempting, that you’ll want to use this dahi bhalla recipe right away!

Hara bhara kabab isn’t a basic snack; it is the most loved snack in Indian restaurants around the world. They are crispy on the outside while being tender on the inside. The name reads ‘Hara bhara’ as it is mainly made using green vegetables like spinach and green peas. Hence, this is a healthy and tasty snack which can be savoured by one and all!

Moong dal kachoris make an amazing snack with a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee. It is very easy to prepare at home. All you need is refined flour, moong dal, green coriander, oil, salt and few aromatic Indian spices.

Local 'halwaais' frying mouthwatering samosas in a huge kadhai is a common sight in nearly any part of India. Golden brown & crispy on the outside, and soft & spicy on the inside, Punjabi Samosas taste as good as they look.

Nothing beats the taste of classic tomato soup on the food menu, right? However, have you always wondered why the restaurant style tomato soup has just the right mix of tanginess and sweetness, and also thick at the same time? Look no further because we bring you an easy tomato soup recipe which you can prepare in the comfort of your home.

Alu Vadi is an extremely popular Maharashtrian snack, usually accompanied with tea. This dish is made from colocasia leaves and has a tangy, spicy taste which is enhanced more with the flavours of Catch masalas. Due to the seasonal availability of fresh alu, it finds a prominent position in every household during monsoon and festive occasions. The colocasia leaves are a great source of dietary fibre, vitamin C, calcium and B-complex.  It is also a savoured dish in Gujarat. Read on to know how to prepare this delicious and nutritious snack, in true Maharashtrian style.

Dabeli is the sweet and spicy version of vada pav, usually sold on the streets of Kutch and even in many Mumbai stalls. This yummy mixture is stuffed into buns or pavs and then topped with pomegranate, coriander garlic chutney and sev. Sounds mouth-watering, doesn’t it? Then let’s find out how this lip-smacking street food recipe is made at home.

In Indian households, tea is incomplete without some crispy, savoury snacks. But the taste of these fried flour crispies takes the entire tea-time experience to another level. This namkeen dish is usually made during occasions such as Diwali in north India. People usually make it in batches and store them in containers. Check out this easy snack recipe to give your namak pare a crispy and flaky texture, just the way it’s meant to be.

Chicken 65 is one of the most popular and easy-to-make entrée in the South of India, which has made its way to the kitchens around the world. Bite-sized, juicy chicken pieces, marinated and deep fried, Chicken 65 is an amalgamation of spices, tangy yoghurt and chicken. This mélange of southern spices and tender chicken make for an easy chicken recipe that is irresistible.

Chicken cutlets serve as a delicious starter for parties and events, or even a healthy and easy breakfast. They are appetizing, and they provide the right amount of nutrition. Enjoy these lip-smacking cutlets with hot chai as an evening snack, and we bet you won’t regret it.

Deviled eggs, also known as stuffed eggs, Russian eggs, or dressed eggs are hard-boiled eggs that have been shelled, cut in half, and filled with a paste made from the egg yolks, mixed with other ingredients such as mayonnaise and mustard. They are generally served cold as a side dish, appetizer or a main course, often for holidays or parties.

Pindi chana or chhole is a no-fuss recipe which is loved and savoured by all. It derives its origin from Rawalpindi in Punjab, Pakistan and is traditionally served with bhatura. But it can be enjoyed with rice dishes too. It is usually prepared as a Baisakhi recipe. Follow this simple step-by-step method to enjoy the authentic taste of this Punjabi recipe. It can be cooked in a matter of minutes.

No party or get-together is complete without this all-time favourite starter recipe- tandoori chicken. This Indian tandoori recipe has its roots in the Mughlai cuisine of the Mughal era. It is quite popular across the world and is known by different names like tandoori murgh or tangdi kabab. There are a few modifications done to the original recipe such as adding besan, etc., which adds aroma to this appetizer.

One of the most famous Punjabi dishes, Baingan Bharta, is a favourite in every Indian household. Amongst all the baingan recipes, baingan bharta remains to be the most popular and loved. The word ‘Bharta’ refers to dishes in which the ingredients are mashed either before or after the dish is prepared. It is a simple recipe that does not require a lot of spices. Serve it with hot rotis and your favourite daal, and relish the flavours.

Punjabi Kadhi is one of the most classic Indian festive dishes. An easy Indian lunch recipe, this dish will ensure it remains a favourite in your house. With Baisakhi coming up, we are sure you want to treat your loved ones with some authentic Baisakhi recipes. Punjabi Kadhi with pakoras will be a guaranteed hit in your house. Your search for an authentic Indian lunch recipe ends here.

Chicken curry is one of the most sought-after Indian dishes. An easy Indian dinner recipe, chicken curry can be prepared in a few minutes and tastes delicious. It requires the use of basic ingredients, and the best is that it can be cooked even by an amateur cook. Enjoy this lip-smacking dish with your loved ones.

Chicken Korma is a gravy dish that is made of rich dry fruits, spices, nuts, yogurt, seeds, coconut and many more spices. It is said to have originated in the Mughal era. The Chicken Korma recipe differs in each region, but this one will be a guaranteed hit amongst your loved ones.

Keema Samosa is a popular road-side snack that is deep-fried and delicious. This snack recipe is made using a mutton filling and maida. Ideal for snacking, Keema Samosa is an easy-to-prepare recipe that will gain you great amount of appreciation at home.

Sheer Khurma or Sheer Korma is a rich Mughlai vermicelli pudding that is one of the easiest Ramadan recipes made at home. Consisting of milk, ghee and various rich dry fruits, this is a household favourite during other festivals as well. ‘Sheer’ stands for milk and ‘Khurma’ stands for dates in Persian language.

A rich and tasty Mughlai dish that finds its roots in Afghanistan, this dish is relished by all who love some spicy curry recipe. This finger-licking dish is easy to prepare and leave everyone smiling.

With its origin in Middle East, Chicken Kebab is one of the most popular appetizers amongst all meat lovers. Tradition has it that the dish was first invented by medieval soldiers who used their swords to grill meat over open-field fires. You know a kebab is cooked right when the meat is cooked just about right and the meat gets the flavor of the spices.

Chicken pakora is one of the easiest Ramadan recipes that can be prepared at home. It is boneless chicken fritters, which make it a delectable snack for the rains. The pakoras taste better when they are deep fried than stir fried, so enjoy some snacking without feeling guilty, because you deserve it.

An authentic Bengali chicken curry, Chicken Rezala is a delicious white chicken gravy. Very few places in the country serve this yummy dish. It is believed that Chicken Rezala was first prepared by the Royal Chefs in Bengal. One of the tastiest Mughlai dishes, it is mostly prepared during Pohela Boisakh, an important Bengali festival and special occasions.

A delicious snack that can be enjoyed during tea time, Dahi Kebab is rich, creamy and irresistible. Dahi ke kebab or Dahi Kebabs are a common vegetarian kebab preparation that are easy to prepare and do not require much efforts. They are loved by many for their soft, mouth melting interior texture and their crisp exterior.

Amritsari Chole is an authentic style Punjabi dish of chickpeas which is a favourite amongst Indians throughout the world. It serves as a great lunch or dinner recipe and is easy to prepare. The Amritsari Chole and Bhatura combination is not only a hit in the Northern part of India, where it originally belongs, but also in households all over the country.

Not many must have heard of this preparation but it is one of the easiest rice dishes and equally nutritious. A great tiffin snack for kids as well as adults, beetroot rice is a delicious combination of sweet beetroot which blends perfectly with the spices and rice.

Cafreal is a delicious dish that originated in Mozambique and was later adopted by the Portuguese and brought to Goa. The dish was brought to Goa about a hundred years ago and is still relished by all meat lovers.

Chili Baby Corn is a crunchy and delicious appetizer that is popular in a lot of social gatherings. The spicy, tongue-tickling dish is an assortment of ingredients ranging from spring onions to splash of Oriental sauces.

A great combination of sweet and spicy, this honey chilli potato recipe is ideal for kids and adults. It serves as a delicious appetizer in parties or even as an evening snack for kids. This crisp potato recipe will be an instant hit in your house, once you learn how to cook it in a few easy steps.

A South-Indian styled mango rice recipe, this one is filled with spices and irresistible taste. This recipe is from Andhra Pradesh which is mostly prepared during Ugadi in substitution of Lemon Rice. The tanginess of mangoes and the blend of spices in this dish will leave you wanting for more.

Nargisi Kofta is a great addition to your dinner menu. The authentic taste of spices blended with meat and eggs will leave you wanting for more. A fairly simple dish to prepare, your loved ones will definitely appreciate you for this delicious dish.

Kurma or Korma is a curry made using veggies or meat along with yogurt, spices and coconut. Based on different regions, the ingredients used to make a kurma recipe differ. The one shared here is a South-Indian style Kurma recipe that is quick and easy to prepare.

A popular appetizer of the Chinese cuisine, chicken spring rolls are made with minced chicken and noodles. It is an ideal evening snack as well as a great starter for house parties.This scrumptious snack will earn you accolades for the unbeatable taste it offers. It is one of the easiest chicken starter recipes that can be cooked within a few minutes.

A spicy chaat recipe for the monsoon season, corn chaat or masala corn is a mouth-watering dish that will satiate your taste buds. It’s a quick recipe that can be whipped up within a few minutes. Corn chaat can be prepared even by amateur cooks, which makes it ideal for youngsters. Enjoy this delectable spicy and tangy recipe with sweet corn and spices.

Crispy fried chicken is one of the most loved snacks among non-vegetarians. Making this dish at home is easy and quick. So, prep up for a delicious snack that will leave you wanting for more. Crispy fried chicken can serve as a great option for an evening snack.

Gatte ki Sabji is a popular gravy based dish of the Rajasthani cuisine. Made of gram flour, Rajasthani Gatte ki sabji is a curd-based gravy and this mouth-watering dish can be prepped within a few minutes.

Manchow soup is a hot and spicy mixed vegetable soup which is an irreplaceable part of Indian Chinese cuisine. This Chinese soup recipe contains generous amounts of ginger and garlic and offers a refreshing taste. The aroma of all the ingredients truly awakens your senses. Try making this restaurant style Manchow soup at home.

Indian Masala chai or Masala tea is one of the most loved hot beverages of Indians, especially during the monsoons. It is believed that it helps keep the body warm. A large population of Indians drink a cup of masala tea in the morning, with their breakfast.

An easy-to-make pakora recipe, Paneer Pakoras do not require any chopping, which makes them effortless and quick to make. They are a good snack recipe, when there are unexpected guests at home or even for a kids’ party. Paneer pakoras will be a great hit amongst all your loved ones.

Poha or flattened rice is usually had for breakfast as potato poha or onion poha. However, poha cutlet is another favourite that is delicious and irresistible. A novel way of using this ingredient, poha cutlets also have the nourishment of veggies. It is an easy poha tikki recipe that can be prepared within minutes.

An ideal dish for all seafood lovers, Prawn Curry is an easy Indian dinner recipe that will be an ultimate favourite. It can be prepared with basic ingredients that are available in almost all Indian kitchens. Try your hands on this dish and you will end up wanting for more.


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