This drink is native to India and is associated with Maha Shiv ratri and Holi. It is made with assorted nuts, sugar and milk. It is known as a energy drink.

Masala Chaas is a summer coolant drink and also acts as an appetizer. It is flavoured Indian buttermilk made with plain yogurt, green chili, coriander and spices.

Mango Lassi is a fruit based summer drink made with a blend of yoghurt; sugar and mango puree, and can be made with other fruits as well like strawberry.

Sweet Lassi is a traditional Indian summer drink made with a blend of yoghurt, sugar and rose water, and is considered good to beat the heat and protects us from sun strokes.

Salted Lassi is a traditional Indian summer drink, and is considered as a healthy drinks recipes to beat the heat and protects us from sun strokes.This can be also consumed along with day time meals.

Aam panna is made with raw mangoes and is known for its heat-resistant properties. It is a good summer coolant and can be made and stored in refrigerator.

Shikanji /Shikanjavi is a Indian lemonade made with fresh water,lemon juice and simple spices.It prevents from heat stroke and also is a great refreshing & appetizing drink.

“Jeera” means cumin, which is essentially one of the main ingredient of this invigorating, thirst quencher summer drink along with other spices which are used in making of this drink.

This simple coconut water drink is enhanced by addition of ginger juice and mint. This looks best when served in green coconut shell with mint and lemon.

Lemon soda is a summer drink, made with refreshing mint and cumin powder. This beverage is so popular in India that it is made in all homes, streets and in best of the hotels too.

Kokum Sherbet is a great summer coolant and is very refreshing and good for health. In Goa and neighbouring coastal regions it is used in many dishes and drinks.

Rose sherbet is a summer drink to beat the heat. It is prepared with rose syrup mixed in chilled milk.

Sandalwood sharbat is very refreshing and calming summer drink. Its unique and its aroma delights the consumer.

This is very innovative drink made with refreshing mint and cucumbers. It is very useful in summers. This can be made fresh easily at home.

Indian Masala chai or Masala tea is one of the most loved hot beverages of Indians, especially during the monsoons. It is believed that it helps keep the body warm. A large population of Indians drink a cup of masala tea in the morning, with their breakfast.


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