DS Group

DS Group

The Dharampal Satyapal Group, is a rapidly growing, multi-diversified conglomerate with presence in diverse industry sectors. The Group has focused on growth & diversification with an undeterred belief in high standard product, reliability and transparency. The product portfolio of DS Group has evolved magnificently over the years and today, it has a strong presence in high growth sectors such as F&B which includes Spices and Beverages, Confectionary, Dairy, Mouth Fresheners, Hospitality, Tobacco, Packaging and Agro forestry.

Founded in the year 1929, DS Group has remained committed towards creating premium quality products and has been credited with several breakthrough innovations for close to nine decades. The product range of the Group has evolved magnificently over the years and its undeterred pursuit for ‘Quality & Innovation’ has given impetus to consumer loyalty and satisfaction.

The DS Group has 19 manufacturing units, 7 agri sites and 21 depots spread across Delhi, NOIDA, Himachal Pradesh, Assam and Tripura. From an assorted range of F&B products to idyllic hospitality ventures to splendid manufacturing units of Flexi Packaging; the legacy of DS Group has indeed come full circle with the success of all its diverse endeavors.

The DS Group has established and maintained its market leadership in the chewing tobacco segment with brands like ‘Baba’ and ‘Tulsi’. The Group got into the mouth freshener category with Tansen, which was later expanded by adding Rajnigandha - world’s largest selling premium Pan Masala and Meetha Maaza to the portfolio. Today these brands have become the preferred choice of connoisseurs around the world. Rajnigandha further extended the product offering by adding Rajnigandha Clove, the clove flavoured pan masala.

Pass-Pass Chingles marked the Group’s entry into confectionary business. The brand Pass Pass was repositioned to encompass a broader portfolio of pioneering products in Confectionary business. From traditional natural mouth fresheners to the fun-filled mini chewing gums ‘Chingles’, DS confections offer the choicest innovative flavours for all age groups. ‘Pulse’, the Kachcha Aam flavoured candy with a tangy twist, marked the Group’s foray into the hard boiled candy segment followed by Guava, Orange and Pineapple flavours. Fru, the soft chew fruit jelly in different flavours further augmented the confectionary basket. ‘Rajnigandha Pearls,’ the saffron blended, silver coated cardamom seeds; and Baba supari & Baba elaichi that are blended with special flavours & spices, to give an unique and exotic taste, also form a part of the product offering in the confectionary business.

‘Catch’ is recognized as the topmost premium F&B brands of the country today, has a wide range of spices and beverage in its portfolio. ‘Catch’ pepper and salt marked its debut in the free flowing table top dispenser category in 1987 and remains leader in this segment. The spices are popular for their exquisite flavours and tantalizing aromas. The USP of these spices is the unique Low Temperature Grinding (LTG) technology that prevents the evaporation of volatile & delicate oils from spices. This gives the consumer the benefit of spices that retain their original aroma giving a wholesome, authentic flavour to the food. The raw materials for Catch spices are procured from the source locations and no “fillers” are used while grinding, hence the spices are available in purest and highest potency. The complete assortment comprises a variety of sprinklers and a diverse range of whole, ground and blended spices.

‘Catch’ water is the nation’s first ever ‘Natural Spring Water’ bottled at the source in Himalayas. The wide range of beverages made from the 'Catch Natural Spring Water' is available under the Catch umbrella. 'Catch Clear Flavored Spring Water', made by blending natural fruit flavors with sparkling spring water is caffeine free and calorie free, thus favorites of health-conscious consumers. 'Catch Club Soda' is another successful product from the 'Catch' family and ‘Catch’ Tonic Water is India's first zero calorie Tonic Water available in a PET bottle and many more.

Electronically beaten silver and gold foils were introduced for the first time in India by the Group. Hygienically produced, ‘Catch’ foils are the only 100% pure vegetarian Silver and Gold Foils available in the country.

The Group has made a significant progress in the Hospitality arena in the last 3 years. DS made its debut in the rapidly growing hospitality sector with ‘The Manu Maharani’, way back in 2000; which is a super deluxe property in Nainital epitomizing impeccable service and premium facilities. The resort at Jim Corbett, ‘Namah’ is already one of the favorites of the discerning traveler. The Group launched the first five star of the North East region, Hotel ‘Radisson Blu’, at Guwahati. A business hotel, ‘Crowne Plaza’ at Jaipur also opened its doors a couple of years back. Going forward with its plans, the Group has acquired the Kolkata Airport Hotel property where a budget hotel is under construction. In addition to the above ventures, land has also been acquired in other cities with plans to set up hotels and resorts in future.

Packaging is another area of diversification for the Group. An eco friendly revolutionary packaging plant to make rigid biodegradable cans was set up in India in 2001, in association with Canpac – a leading Switzerland based packaging major. This eco-friendly packaging material is light weight and corrosion free, and is used for packaging in the food industry.

Another ultra modern Flexible Packaging Unit in Assam manufactures laminates and pouches used for packaging consumer products like snacks, soaps, shampoos, etc. The plant was set up in 2007 and has an installed capacity of 3600MT annually.

The Group grows Medicinal & Aromatic plants on wastelands/ semi-arid/fallow lands of Madhya Pradesh using modern technology as a part of its Agro Forestry business. The Company has successfully regenerated one of the endangered forest species, ‘Sandalwood’ in Central India and has established the largest Sandalwood plantation as an Agro-forestry model in India. DS is also the first to successfully cultivate horticultural crops in the non-conventional regions of Madhya Pradesh. The company is focusing on water harvesting & conservation to raise the water-table in the area. Further, it has ventured into Hydroponics; a technology of growing plants without soil. The pilot project was started in 2015 and is ready to be scaled up. Rose and jasmine is grown for captive use by using this technology.

The DS Group’s Dairy Plant spread over an area of 10.2 acres has a capacity to handle approximately 6 lakh liters of milk per day. The Plant conforms to the highest hygiene standards. The DS Dairy Plant has premium, quality and process certifications such as FSSC: 22000:2013, EIA approved by Ministry for Milk and Milk products, Agmark, BIS Certification, FSSAI License, etc. Sold under the brand ‘Ksheer’, the current product basket contains UHT Milk, Cow & Desi Ghee, Fresh Milk, Chaach, Dahi, Paneer, Khoya, Flavoured milk, Dairy Whitener & Creamer.

Moving beyond business, the DS Group constantly nurtures its responsibility as a committed corporate citizen by regarding Corporate Social Responsibility as an integral part of its Business Objectives. DS Group believes in building sustainable communities that are economically, environmentally, and socially healthy and resilient. The Group has been working all over India, on a wide range of CSR programmes with focus on critical areas such as Water Conservation, Livelihood Enhancement and Community Development for long term and sustainable impact all over the country.

The Group works strongly on the principles of integrity, dedication, resourcefulness and commitment.


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