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About Catch

Spices are synonymous with India. With its culinary history, diversity and cultural connect, spices have contributed to India’s unique identity for thousands of years. The spice box is an integral part of Indian cooking and it contains myriad spices which vary from region to region across the entire country. Every culinary tradition in India depends on the quality, freshness and aroma of spices which led a unique flavour to the dishes. Chefs and home cooks traverse far and wide looking for the best ingredients to add an extra dimension to their cooking.

Catch is committed to this quest for quality. With a presence of nearly three decades in India, Catch Spices is today a household name and synonymous with and quality innovation. From pure spices to whole ones, sprinklers to blended spices, Catch covers the entire spectrum of home and professional cooking in India. The innovative table top salt dispensers introduced in 1987 is an essential part of every household.

Today, the Catch brand offers an enviable range of whole, pure and blended spices, sprinklers for Indian dishes and international cuisine. The Catch spices are rich in aroma, freshness and adhere to the highest quality standards which involve the best processes of production, packaging and delivery to customers.

After more three decades of expertise in the business, Catch Spices are considered to be essential staples for kitchens across India and are hand-picked from the best sources, sorted, ground through low temperature grinding process and packaged under fully automated and hygienic conditions.

Catch Spices – an epitome of Purity

Catch Spices are pure with no artificial colours or filler added to it. Small wonder that today Catch spices are a favourite of Indian housewives and are also preferred by star hotels and caterers.

Quality is a byword for Catch Spices which is ensured through rigorous quality control procedures, right from procurement of raw materials to manufacturing and packaging of the finished products.

Raw materials are carefully sourced from the best spice producing regions in India and their hygiene and quality are meticulously monitored throughout the manufacturing process. The manufacturing facilities of Catch are ISO 22000:2005 certified and an in-house R&D and quality facilities constantly work towards improving the manufacturing processes and developing better formulations, so as to ensure that the consumers always get the best.

Aromatic Purity of Spices

Catch Spices employs the Low Temperature Grinding (LTG) process for grinding the spices, which is an ingenious manufacturing technique to retain the flavour and aroma of spices in their original state. The use of the low-heat treatment of its spices is an innovative process as high temperature evaporates aromatic oils and compounds of spices that are vital to taste and flavour. This ensures that Catch spices have all the ingredients to make the food delicious and healthy!


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