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100 % Indian women connecting with the audience

Padmashree and National Award Winning Actor Vidya Balan is the brand ambassador of Catch Salt and Spices. With her erudite and intellectual roles, her classical presence and the recognition she has won over a short period of time, Vidya Balan is ideal as an endorser to the brand tagline 100% Indian woman Ka match, sirf Catch. The brand films bring in elements of taste, flavour, aroma and wonderful ways of cooking meals and these ideas find expression across the entire product range. For instance, the Catch Sabzi Masala TVC is built on an idea of making every day vegetables enticing and delicious. It is based on the premise that discerning diners often find vegetables boring and try to avoid them. A touch of Catch Sabzi Masala adds that extra zing and makes them delicious and more appetizing. On the other hand the Catch Garam Masala TVC works on the idea that a lack of taste and flavour makes people indifferent to the meal. A woman who starts using Catch Garam Masala in her cooking can not only bring back flavour, but also the attention of her loved ones to the food she has cooked. These are heart-warming themes which strike a chord with the viewers and have also made the Catch TVCs popular.


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